planet species animal human water free Agent in motion on the move in flight of the Earth of the Land of the Ocean her ecology here and there sea and ice wind and current seed and settlement birthing stretching growing learning lamenting fearing conquering breaking bruising rejoicing rounding looping surviving dying becoming born and dying anew a willful urge an urgent call to return a traumatic flight an existential passage an Oceanic Fantasy breathe breathe breathe compete create destroy win release rush rush of anticipation rush of adventure bully dominate maim kill rush greed to pillage rush to sex defile the bloodline crush settle colonize give it a name call it Power a Nation State reorganize order categorize Institutionalize Rule of Law Religion and State spread the Language spread the Lie Authority syntax CAPITAL Letters the Printing Press to the Internet educate assimilate annihilate exploit and syphon up exercise brutality divide and conquer caste and creed colour and other clear the land corral the people camps and cages prison and zoos guns and cameras walls and fences borders and zones evidence documents and predatory bureaucracy keep some in and others out in flight the Siren calls She is playful. She is Welcome. refuge beckons hope is horizon She is lunar. tide and current She is elemental. She is the sun. She is the storm. wind against the sea ice desert sands fields of wheat solid rock. She is refusal. She is fleeting. accelerating heartbeat raising hairs disembodied Witness universal Ancestor broken from tribe tribalized anew you and me over millennia peopling the planet. diaspora. ¹

¹ Behrouz Boochani No Friends but the Mountains Sea Watch Forensic Architecture Sea Watch vs the Libyan Coastguard Roxham Road Bridges Not Borders - Créons des Ponts Plattsburgh Cares Harsha Walia Undoing Border Imperialism Border and Rule Global Detention Project No One is Illegal Todd Miller Storming the Wall Al Otro Lado World Central Kitchen Canada Multiculturalism Act Human Rights propaganda state systemic racism Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada Canadian Border Services Agency Dale Lewis predatory bureaucracy indefinite detention Ebrahim Touré Lindsay superjail Caged in Canada Brendan Kennedy Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Jered Will Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement

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